Monday, February 9, 2009

Act One; Sing, Too. (Sort Of.)


  1. Dorothy Lamour looks like she's melting.

  2. I've got got the Billie Holiday album, it's pretty good.

    I YEARN for those cut by Lizbeth Scott, Tina Louise and Yvonne De Carlo!

  3. Thombeau -- She's on "The Road to Ruin."

    Ilduce -- Strangely, even though Yvonne has the most "trained" voice, hers is the least entertaining.

    Lizabeth's has a certain campy charm, especially with the 21st century knowledge that she's a big ol' lesbo, and her material is all of the torchy, I-love-my-man-he-done-me-wrong variety.

    Tina's is surprisingly straightforward, and LESS campy than you'd expect -- very much in the breathy, pseudo-Julie London mode.

    Shoot me off a private email...

  4. It is hard to imagine what the unsuccessful shots from Dottie's photo session looked like, if that was what they were able to salvage for the cover...

  5. What year did Lizabeth's album come out?

  6. Muscato -- The perils of a pre-PhotoShop world!

    nitramnaed -- 1957.

  7. Judy Holiday's "Trouble is a Man" is sublime. Listen to it.

  8. The Jane Mansfield artwork is terrific. Wow! Three busts on one album cover!

    I love the way they tried to make it seem as though Shakespeare and Tchaikovsky are looking at Jayne by painting pupils on their eyeballs. Unfortunately, they didn't get it quite right. Both are looking just past her.

  9. flamingcurmudgeon -- I agree, it's excellent; Judy doesn't have a great technical instrument, but boy, can she wring the emotion out of a downer ballad!

    justlovely -- They seem to be sharing a sidelong, skeptical glance with each other.


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