Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fame's a Bitch


  1. Fun!

    I wonder if that's Cliquot in Joan's arms...

    I presume this photo of Constance was taken BEFORE her infamous "Madame X" face lift!

    How cute is Audrey with the little Yorkie in the basket?

    Anita is truly beautiful here.

  2. If I'm viewing this accurately, at least one of Joan Crawford's chairs is slip-covered in plastic.

  3. What a great picture of Gloria the bows! As for the photo of Joan and her dog, you know they were both thinking, "BITCH!"

    And I must add, I adore the soundtrack to your life! You have GREAT taste. I ofter let it play as background music.

  4. Poseidon3 -- I believe that Audrey's little dog was named Famous. She also, for a brief time, owned a baby deer who had appeared with her in "Green Mansions."

    Toby -- I'm sure ALL of Miss C's chairs were slip-covered in plastic! As were her shoes and handbags.

    Scooter -- Thank you kindly!! I'm glad you enjoy it.