Friday, February 6, 2009

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Yesterday, D-Man and I went out to g lounge, New York's venerable watering hole de homosexual. While I was waiting for him to show up, I chatted with a very handsome, very drunk group of international males -- I remember the names Fabio, Luis, and Carlo, with apologies to the other two who slipped my mind. Anyway, they complimented me on my ensemble for the evening, and told me that I reminded them of the film, Revolutionary Road, which I have not seen. Of course, I Googled it this morning, and was rather disappointed by the image I found:

Maybe Leo's other costumes in the movie are better, but this one wasn't doing it for me. Although the hat is fabulous.

For the record, my attire consisted of dark, inky blue denim; dress shirt in a pale red, pink and burgundy minicheck pattern; a thin, fitted merlot merino wool cardigan; a pumpkin handwoven wool tie; an aubergine fine wale velvet corduroy sport coat; a pumpkin paisley pocket square; handmade captoe shoes the color of burnt caramel; my new beige rabbit fur felt hat; and my antique 1920 wristwatch with a deep red alligator band. Frankly, I was going for more of a Jean Paul Belmondo vibe:

Of course, if I actually looked like this, I'd like it even more:

So, I suspect, would have my international chums.


  1. Shame the Europeans are corrupted into thinking of Leo D. I guess the ever narrowing frame of reference is international now.

    Anyway, I know you looked fabulous.
    Those shoes sound to die for.

  2. Even I have to admit, I was stylin'.


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