Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dearest Wishes...

...for a safe and joyous Christmas season! We love you!


  1. We hope you've swept your chimney so Santa can slide in smoothly.

    Thank you for a year of glamour and beauty.

    And for keeping the memories of so many fabulous personalities alive in your fun and informative way.

    We love you too, TJB!

  2. yes, but did joan have a D&C so that her chimney was slip-slidey smooth? wasn't hers one very active chimney?

    and yes TJB, i concur with MJ.....thanks so much for all your hard work, which so many of us adore!

  3. chim chim cheree! Many thanks Todd for a truly merry blog.

  4. ho ho ho!
    Wishing you
    a marabou Christmas!

  5. ...And a hat filled New Year.

    Doll, thanks for 'waking me up' this year. You are my hero.

  6. Love you, too, sweets! You are fabulosity incarnate. Don't ever forget that!


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