Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why Weren't We Invited?

We'd certainly have a beter time than Mme. Elsa Schiaparelli seems to be having.


  1. Oh, you know Schiap - always one Old Fashioned ahead of the rest of the group.

    As opposed to dear Hermione, who's up by, from all appearances, about six...

  2. What a wonderful ad- so early '60s. Two of the handsomest men of the day: Peter and the oh-so-dreamy Robert Goulet, Phyllis just before her triumph (I was there) in "Subways Are For Sleeping", Miss "Shocking Pink" (that was "hot pink" with panache) long before she became known as the grandmother of "the prettiest girls in Paris", and one of my all time favorite comediennes, Hermione Gingold. I was in my late teens at the time but it seems as if it was yesterday. Thanks for the memories.

  3. Poor Elsa. She's upset because Mr. Earl Blackwell is talking past her, and because she does not approve of Mrs. Ernest Byfield Jr.'s hair.

  4. I'll have whatever Hermione's drinking.

  5. Muscato - And I've seen her in that gown in about a half-dozen other photos, and two television appearances. I do hope she at least dry cleaned it once.

    cwilson284 - Covering Johnnie Ray's opening?

    TrippyTrellis - I wasn't yet a twinkle in anyone's eye, and yet I remember it well...

    askthecoolcookie - Schiap's own hair seems to have a mind of its own.

    MJ - It would probably make it easier on the bartender if you asked for whatever Hermione isn't drinking.