Sunday, December 27, 2009

We Want to Be Mrs. Charles Minot Amory

"Mrs. Amory fills her summers with specialized local-into-national events: the races at Belmont; golf at The Greenbrier, and Southampton where she lives in the summer; polo on Long Island; excursions into city life."

MRS. CHARLES MINOT AMORY at Belmont Park. White Honan silk dress; big blue straw hat.

She watches golf in Southampton. Dress striped with gold braid; white cashmere cardigan.

"Mrs. Amory's summer plans are sometimes city plans. Her problem (a familiar one): a wardrobe that balances at either end of the scale."

She dances at the St. Regis Roof. White silk halter dress; short, very tailored.

She has luncheon at The Colony Restaurant. Wide-skirted Honan suit.


  1. Picture 4 - "I'll start with the Clams Casino and then I would like You, on a bed of lettuce."

  2. Madame would have entered rehab years ago, but she could never figure out what one wears there.

  3. Classic patrician beauty of days gone by....these types of socialites are long gone. Now we have Tinsley Mortimer.

  4. FIRST OF ALL, A lady's name only appears in press twice, upon her marriage, and at the time of her death.

    SECONDLY, the only allowable exception is when she lends her energies to charities of uncompromising good names.

    Obviously, the Charles Minot Amory's have fallen on hard times and she has been forced to hawk sensible cotton day dresses for monetary compensation.


  5. apparently askthecoolcookie has no idea what she is talking about. If I were her I would do my research a bit better but then again maybe askthecoolcookie is uneducated.


  6. iv - Darling, I don't know every place that atcc's tongue has been, but I'm fairly certain that when he made his comment, it was planted firmly in his cheek. Lighten up, dear!