Thursday, December 17, 2009

What Would Toby Worthington Do?

Country living: The Hunting Room at Clandon Park, Surrey, by John Fowler

A man of encyclopedic knowledge, wry humor and impeccable style, as well as the occasional commenter on SSUWAT, Toby Worthington is one of our very favorite people. Better still, and perhaps rarer still in the blog world, rather than being an armchair critic of interior design, armed only with books and opinions, Mr. Worthington is a marvelous talent in his own right, the creator of truly exceptional rooms and homes. We know from whence we speak: having seen his own gracious, elegant, divinely welcoming abode, we can vouch for Mr. Worthington's absolutely unassailable taste. We have, on occasion, badgered him to create a blog of his own, for he has so much to share. We were thrilled, then, when we learned that Mr. Worthington took at least a small step in that direction by guest-blogging on Emily Evans Eerdmans' eponymous site. (Incidentally, if anyone wants to play Santa and gift us with her luscious Regency Redux book, we won't mind.) Reading Mr. Worthington's musings on John Fowler, who is credited with creating the English Country House style, is like listening to Mr. Worthington himself speak: knowledgeable, but not dreary; opinionated, but not pompous; educated, yet vastly entertaining. Well done, dear friend, and we hope this blossoms into something bigger!

To the manor born: Mr. Toby Worthington


  1. Great post....In my dream life I live in a John Fowler decorated country estate.

  2. wow. is THAT what he looks like? more handsame than I would have thought!!!

  3. Belle de Ville - To cop a phrase from Peter Allen (at the other end of the taste spectrum), "But it's a nice dream"!

    Cote de Texas - Mr. Worthington is, indeed, a handsome devil.

  4. Oh, will you look at HIM!


  5. Don't forget me as a paid-up member of the Toby Worthington fan club!


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