Monday, December 7, 2009

Lucy's Carpet is Chartreuse

Well, we all knew she wasn't a natural redhead.


  1. and all her wood is white too.
    Or *is* it?

  2. does anyone know why viv's character on "the lucy show" had the last name of BAGLEY? i know viv was always supposed to be fatter, old & make lucy thinner & more beautiful, but that name? of all the zillions of names that could be chosen....such an ugly sounding name.

    oh, and p.s.....lucy shaved.

  3. What a perfectly lovely, and inviting room. *ahem*

  4. Viv was Vivian Bagley. Her son was Sherman. Lucy was a widow and Viv was a divorcee.

    And Damn it - I have to be quicker with the material. I was going to post this carpet ad from 1961. Pooh!