Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sob Sisters

And Tiger Woods thinks he has media troubles.


  1. Almost surreal, too, to think that Tanya Welk was ever grist for the gossip mill. I mean, the Lennons are one thing, but I didn't think anyone in charge of gossip rags cared about the other LWS people!

  2. Where is Mrs. Harry Nuzzo today?

  3. I find it disturbing that Dean Martin's wife and children felt the need to talk about Dean's sexual prowess in the bedroom. REALLY!

    And as for those Lennon Sisters, they are nothing but trouble, especially that brunette Peggy - she's been known to help herself to her hostesses hair spray...

  4. I found this this on Wikipedia:
    In 1969, the sisters starred in their own variety show, Jimmy Durante Presents the Lennon Sisters Hour.

    Now doesn't that sound like a clusterfuck of a television program name if ever there was one?

  5. I love the fact the editors put "Van Dyke" right next to them on one of the covers.


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