Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Winter of Our Discontent

It recently occured to us that we've been neglectful in commenting on our friends' blogs. It isn't because we don't care, darlings - because we do! The holidays are a mad rush for us (at our throats, as Noel Coward would say); since we usually only have time to absorb all of your marvelous blogs in one breathless sitting, we often feel insufficiently witty to leave comments. But trust us: we do check in, and giggle, and goggle, and occasionally gleefully glom your photos (e.g., Infomaniac, from whence this sensitive study of Miss Shelley Winters was stolen). So if at words poetic we're so pathetic these days, please be patient and understanding, possums. We love you!


  1. Dont go near the water Shelly..It brings you bad luck...

  2. We love you too!

    Besides, I probably stole that photo from you or Thombeau!

  3. Shelley, Shelley, Shelley. She could never be trusted with her wardrobe. We thought she had it all together for this sartorial shot. We said "Shelley, make sure you wear the right sun glasses, and of course she choose the wrong ones with the checkered flag pattern when she should ahve worn the ones with the Ms. Pacman pattern. What do you do with a problem like Ms. Winters?

  4. You all know, of course, that that's my FAVORITE portrait of Shelley Winters! Just sayin'.

  5. That's Thom's tactful way of saying...

    "That bitch MJ stole that photo from ME!"

  6. At that moment, in that get-up, poolside in LA - Shirley Schrift is a star!

    At least in her own unique mind.

    Why aren't people this much fun any more?


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