Saturday, December 26, 2009

Was Santa Good to You?

Alas, we didn't find any of these under our tree, but we hope you all had a relaxing, happy holiday, darlings!


  1. Sigh...and Santa didn't give me a pony...

  2. Of all these 1963 Cadillac's you didn't find a one? Not even the short deck Town Sedan? Dearest I am sorry, but if you need a lift call and the Studebaker is on its way!

  3. I like the convertible, in light blue, Santa B.

  4. Darling your home!

    I asked, begged, wheedled and cajoled for that lovely to-mah-to colored convertible, but nyet!

    I did, however, receive Julia Child's cookbook so I can stuff a to-mah-to, and that will do. For now.

  5. it's back into the coupe de VILE for me. i got bupkis from santa.

  6. Ah, I do love a convertible eldo. Miss Stella is a 1972 (in veridian firemist green) but they're still the Cadillac of cars, and I guess Santa did technically bring her to me.

    A few years ago a gentleman friend and I had a Difference of Opinion which put me in possession of a big diamond necklace I no longer wanted around my house or my neck. He'd given it to me the prior Christmas.

    I sold it and with the proceeds bought Miss Stella. We've been inseparable ever since.


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