Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ann-Margret to the Rescue

Please enjoy some archival videos while we regroup and renew ourselves!

(Fast forward to 1:35 for full-frontal fabulosity.)

P.S. Thank you to everyone who has written us, publicly and privately. Fear not, darlings, we're just taking a little breather while we catch up on (shudder) our real world responsibilities. We love you!


  1. Ann-Margret making her entrance as a bevy of leaping, shimmying suitors look on...

    Yes, this is how I picture you.

  2. Ann and I anxiously await your refreshed return!

    WV - comic. Why I oughta....

  3. "Real world responsibilities"?

    as in replicating this number in your bedroom, right?

  4. replicating? ann stole it from tjb.

    is this the famous dress that oprah's head was superimposed on? if it is, can you blame her?


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