Monday, February 8, 2010

Fans of Fenneman

The winner of our Great Nerd Showdown was, by quite a wide margin, swoonsome George Fenneman. While we admit to being biased in favor of Robert Q. Lewis, we can certainly see Fenneman's appeal: he's as smooth as Vitalis, suave as Aqua Velva, and slicker than Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick.

For those of you who voted Team Fenneman, here's an added bonus to get your motors running: a 1955 DeSoto ad, where George uses those dreamy, dulcet tones to describe "added inches" and "that taut, surging feel." Have mercy.


  1. I read recently about Fennie that he tried acting, but was frustrated by his own tendency as an announcer to use a script and not vary from it. They tossed him a curveball one day by quickly assigning him new lines full of technobabble and he faltered, then lost any desire to do it again.

  2. This car has headlights! It has a front bumper! What will they think of next? We've got to get one!

    Actually, the 1955 DeSoto is one of my favorite cars for that year. Its shame Chrysler murdered the make. Its a shame Chrysler has done a lot things its come to regret.

  3. "Gay as a hayride in the moonlight"


  4. TJB, I was with you in the Robert Q. camp, but if he will arrive in a Fire Flight, I'll do Fenneman in a sec!