Monday, February 1, 2010

So Proudly We Hail

"He had 'em." - Joan Crawford

February 1, 1901 - November 16, 1960


  1. I love Clark's hair in that second pic with the little curl hanging down!

  2. I love the third picture.

    But, for as great as the man was - three things that Gable "had", but they weren't that great:

    - False teeth & gum disease
    - Notorius bad breath (Vivian Leigh complained very loudly about this to George Cukor after Cukor was let go from the filming of Gone With the Wind)
    - A famously small penis. In the words of Carole Lombard: "You know I love 'Pa', but I can't say he's the greatest lover..."

    Other tid bit - Clark Gable and General Custer were from the same hometown of Cadiz Ohio, although their paths never crossed.

  3. The Gent is Ay-Okay in my book! Happy Birthday King.

  4. He must have made up for it with other skills because he supposedly kept a list of his conquests on the back of his dressing room door!

  5. Joan had him, and he dumped her! And she got back at by marrying Franchot Tone. Yeah, Joan, that'll teach him.

    Allegedly, when Carole's plane went down la'Crawford wanted to race to him and comfort him in his moment of need. Gable's people wouldn't tell her exactly where he was. Smart people.


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