Wednesday, February 3, 2010


FelixInHollywood, Ask The Cool Cookie, and normadesmond have kidnapped Dorothy Kilgallen, Steve Allen and Arlene Francis, and have permanently ensconced themselves on the award-winning What's My Line? panel (keeping Bennett Cerf around to play dominatrix games with). They have also, unfortunately, taken possession of Jayne Meadows's wardrobe.


  1. that's right! just like in "war of the worlds" we sucked all the fluid out of meadows and tossed her carcass to the vultures! (who smelled it, wouldn't touch it and flew away)

    now, would the next contestant sign in please!

  2. I impersonate Dottie K. only so that I may be close to Johnnie Ray.

  3. How many times must I tell you fools that it is I who is Queen of Outter Space and not Zsa Zsa Gabor? Gabor is the scientist, I am the Queen. Now bring me a young Leslie Nielson - BACHINO!

  4. and i'm the little white cloud that cried!


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