Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sugar & Spice

On February 15, gloriously glamorous Marisa Berenson (February 15, 1947), suavely exotic Cesar Romero (February 15, 1907 - January 1, 1994), and vaguely dangerous Gale Sondergaard (February 15, 1899 - August 14, 1985) were brought into this world.

In vivid contrast, February 16 brought forth a whirling dervish of singing, dancing perkiness in the forms of Broadway dynamo Gretchen Wyler (February 16, 1932), chirpy television canary Peggy King (February 16, 1930), the astonishingly wasp-waisted Vera-Ellen (February 16, 1921 - August 30, 1981), and Andrews Sisters frontwoman Patty Andrews (February 16, 1918).

Needless to say, we're enamored of both sugar and spice here at SSUWAT, and truly enjoy and admire all of these birthday celebrants. Whether your preferences run towards triple-lashed decadence or Dory Schary-approved wholesomeness, we hope that you endeavor to make every day a celebration - and that SSUWAT helps you along a bit!


  1. you may not believe me, but i just grabbed a recent photo of marisa off of NYSD moments ago. i plan on putting it up when i finish my journey down my bookmarks.

  2. I second the love for Gretchen.
    (And, to be a know-it-all, that photo is of Maxene Andrews.)


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