Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Belated Birthday Roundup

We somehow missed the birthdays of these very special SSUWAT favorites -- blame it on our work schedule, blame it on encroaching senility, blame it on the bossa nova; but rest assured that we love them all!

Audrey Meadows
February 8, 1922 - February 3, 1996

Fabian Forte
February 6, 1943

Mamie Van Doren
February 6, 1931

Dorothy Malone
January 30, 1925

Tammy Grimes
January 30, 1934

(Thanks to normadesmond at MITTEN DRINNEN for reminding us!)


  1. and thank you darling!

    ps...i love the two tammys!

  2. I've always adored Tammy Grimes's unique nose. And voice. And I've always believed that if she, and not Mary Tyler Moore, had played Broadway's Holly Golightly in '66, "Breakfast at Tiffany's" would probably have been a hit. Tammy's fay persona was what the role cried out for.

  3. You had to bring Dorothy Malone into this, didn't? And Tammy Grimes, too? Just shoot me!

    But you did remember Fabian, who got better with age until about 1990, when he retired from public viewing.

  4. Fabian's Playgirl pix ain't bad either. :)

  5. Makes me want to be a platinum blonde!

  6. norma - Now I've got that f*cking Debbie Reynolds song stuck in my head.

    Trippy - You're so right!!!

    attc - Now, I realize that Grimy Tams is an acquired taste, but I will not have one word said against Dottie Malone. Any woman who can win an Oscar by mamboing a man to death and stroking a phallic oil derrick is OK in my book.

    An Open Book - Not bad at all, but I think he was at his ripe, juicy best in "Ride the Wild Surf." Because I'm a connoisseur of such things, of course.

    MJ - Having read Mamie's memoirs, there's very little she doesn't own up to!

    Jill - Don't you dare, you redheaded vixen, you!