Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do Not Disturb...

...Miss Doris Day when she's making her entrance in an utterly fabulous Ray Aghayan evening coat, lined in the same orange sequins as her orange sequined sheath.

If all parties in 1965 were like this -- bouffant-bearing socialites dressed to the nine's while doing the Frug -- then we demand to be transported back in time immediately.


  1. Oh, this scene was actually seared into my childhood mind by repeated viewings. It helped make me into what I am. Scary.

  2. Told you that this was a "gasp clutch-the-pearls and swoon moment"

    When I saw this as a child I wanted every woman to have a moment like this at least once in their lives.

  3. I had a moment last week when a kernel of popcorn fell down my top.

    Sadly, I did not create the same stir of sensation in the room, dressed in something comfy and fleecy rather than a tangerine dream.

  4. I also notice that for a brief but shining moment the members of the "Woman's Wiglet and Hairpiece Theater Company" found work.

    Perhaps it was they that supplied the double stick tape to keep that dress on Doris' shoulders.

  5. I remember a chill of excitement coming over me as she opened her coat, when I watched this on Netflix last year. I also loved her outfits in "Caprice"!

  6. Every party should have Doris as guest of honor...