Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fashion News

The snow is snowing, the wind the blowing, but you can weather the storm: you've got your Peenee Beanie to keep you warm! Inspired by the fashion icon himself, mr. peenee (we've changed his moniker to all lower case letters, very chic), this marvy millinery will have everyone staring at your pom-pom's. Available in Wiggy White, Oscar Wilde Carnation Green, and The Good Eartha Kitt Brown.


  1. HaHaHa!!!!!

    Oh TJB, you card!

    I'll take one in each colour.

  2. everyone loves a
    peenee with a pompom!

  3. This was back in the day when the model had to actually change into each shirt and hat and they couldn't just change the colors with computer graphics like they can now. (BTW, love the subtle reference to "et rae"!)

  4. One in each color please, and send the triplets along with the order. I hate to break up a set.


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