Thursday, February 10, 2011

Afro Puff

Soulful hair knows no color.


  1. Marlene resembles a caniche in that pic. Even so, she still looks impressive.

  2. agreed, that Marlene bitch CAN pull off anything!

  3. Just more proof that Madonna was unable to pull off this look. Even the Bordon Twins look better than her!

  4. Back when "The New Yorker" was still a must-read publication, their brief, front of the magazine, blurb on Dietrich's BLONDE VENUS (then playing at Theatre 80 St. Marks...which tell you just how long ago this was) said her dance routine in a gorilla suit defined "camp."

    I was watching BLONDE VENUS the other day, giving thanks for many things, not least the fact it was made in 1932, since it could never be made today (wouldn't be ALLOWED to be made today), and that would be a damn shame, because it's great fun, quite touching...and, yes, Very High Camp, indeed.


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