Friday, February 25, 2011

We'd Like to Propose a Toast

"She was drunk. She showed up at ten o'clock in the morning for the first read-through, and she was bombed. She was drinking straight vodka from this silver flask, and she was drinking it in front of the kids. She was saying all the words, but it was like she was a robot. About lunchtime, Joan passed out cold, and that did it. As soon as she woke up, I fired her." - Lucille Ball on Joan Crawford


  1. TJB - LOVE the fabulously snarky comments! How in the world did you find them??? Give us more!


  2. Joan had been a major star in the 1930's while Lucy was a minor player, so jealousy might explain why this comment came about if it was true.

  3. HA! What a sweet story. Poor Joan, people just LOATHED her.

  4. i heard Lucy made Joan cry. i remember that episode of Lucy and Ethyl that she is talking about here...Joan played herself, she looked AWFUL.


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