Saturday, February 5, 2011

This Town's Not Big Enough...

"I remember quite clearly the sight of a bright yellow Bentley convertible coming at me on Coldwater Canyon Drive in Beverly Hills. I had never seen such a color in my life except on a taxicab in New York. Behind the wheel of this lurid yellow car was this tiny black woman with a huge head of hair flying in the wind. As she drove past me, I recognized it was Diana Ross.

"'There goes the neighborhood,' I muttered to myself." - Diahann Carroll


  1. One of the many unanswered questions that has always nagged at me over the years is "what did the two Dia(hann)es think of each other?" Now I'm halfway to knowing the answer. And that's why I read SSUWAT. Bless.

  2. Diahann is in Scaasi in that photo! It took us forever to find the one that's in the book, and that cost a fortune. Where did you get this close-up shot? I'm gagging on her eleganza.

  3. gagging on her eleganza

    is this the new one from ru this year,
    or has ru stolen it from the boys?

  4. I swiped this photo from somewhere on the 'net, which in turn probably swiped it from somewhere else! I really don't remember. Billy D, I used another Diahann Carroll photo from what I think is the same photo session, a few posts ago ("Word Association") -- a white evening gown with an apron that Diahann dramatically flung out. Scaasi, too?

  5. TJB, I can't be sure that the dress in your previous post was Scaasi, but it's quite possible. He was very into strapless white chiffon dresses in the early 60s (doing versions for Kitty Carlisle AND dear Mamie), but that one had spaghetti straps, which he didn't do too often. Either way, the wig was FABULOSA.