Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dark Ladies

"And people have the nerve to call me a bitch...!" - Joan Crawford on Lucille Ball


  1. Maybe it Joan Crawford from beyond the grave who is operating that I Loathe Lucy web site that Norma posted about!

  2. Joan could never shake her roles.we all seem to have a hard time Not projecting roles onto the actress. The coming movie Mildred Pierce-HBO should be interesting. How can it succeed, I have to wonder?

  3. In Patty Duke's autobiography she gave hints about how nasty Lucy was about her dating her son Desi Jr., but Patty was classy enough not to reveal too much. Joan Crawford is quoted as saying that she never watched her old movies, with the exception of Mildred Pierce, which she had a fondness for. It's no wonder because without that film her career would have surely ended.


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