Saturday, February 5, 2011

Battle of the Bouffants

"I recall a specific evening, not long after [President Kennedy] was assasinated in Dallas, when Jayne and I were sharing a bottle of champagne. Depressed, she wanted to talk about the late President. He had once told her, she recalled, that her voice was very much like that of his wife Jackie. The idea seemed to deepen her depression. She'd felt insulted.

"'Can you imagine that?' she asked. I could, because she did. 'I don't sound like her,' Jayne complained. 'She doesn't sound like anything.'" - Jayne Mansfield's former press secretary, Raymond Strait


  1. hadn't realized jayne's head had
    left the building long before the accident.

  2. I love the antique sunburst brooch that Jackie used to such good effect in place of a tiara.

  3. I'm loving these quotes of jealousy and pettiness. Please keep them coming, darling!