Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Glamour in Unexpected Places

Hedda Hopper

Ethel Merman

Martha Raye


  1. I thought Ethel Merman was born middle-aged.

  2. No, dear, that would be our poor Zsa Zsa.

  3. Hey!
    Ethel is a Queens' girl....
    You don't want your jaw dislocated?
    Do you?

    comedy is always a risk!

    Don't do this at home, kids

  4. Sweetie - put me in that dress that La Merm is wearing, pose me like that, hit with those lights and I would be knockdown GORGEOUS too.

  5. Is that Ethel from Eddie Cantor's "Strike Me Pink?" She did an amazing number in an only-in-a-Hollywood-movie nightclub that was simply breathtaking -- and she looked like a million bucks throughout the whole film!

  6. In the Liz Smith autobiography,"Natural Blonde" she wrote that she was invited to dinner at Kitty Carlisle's penthouse and she brought a male friend because Ethel Merman was invited and he was a huge fan. When Ethel arrived late and the fan started saying how much he loved her, Ethel said out loud,"Who invited this fag?" This is ironic because Ethel was said to be bisexual and it's rumored that she once had an affair with writer Jacqueline Susann.


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