Saturday, February 5, 2011

J.C. vs. J.C.

"A middle-aged, regal, but not terribly attractive woman in a sea-green silk dress embroidered with sequins in the fashionable ‘short in front and long in back’ style. With eyebrows as thick and dark as Groucho’s, lipstick and matching nail varnish obviously ‘Jungle Red’, and hair done in a curiously old-fashioned forties’ style, which was echoed in her ankle-strapped, platform-soled stilettos, she was a formidable sight. When each guest was brought over to greet her, she extended her hand graciously, giving a more than passable imitation of our own dear queen. When Jimmy introduced me as ‘one of England’s newest and brightest young stars’, Miss Crawford didn’t take my outstretched hand. Her eyes swept me dismissively from top to toe, her lip curling disdainfully at my low-cut white organza top and full black and white tulle skirt. She obviously didn’t like what she saw so she didn’t deign to speak to me, but chatted animatedly to Jimmy. I wanted to tell her that my mother, a great Crawford fan, had named me after her, but I didn’t think she would have the stomach for such trivia." - Joan Collins


  1. Miouw!

    Joan (Collins) met them all (she must rival Lauren Bacall for the title of the woman who knew everyone), as she it seems also knew Marilyn when she was at Fox in the 50s, and of course worked with Bette on the Virgin Queen - and tested to replace Liz on Cleopatra!

    1. If Joan didn't know them all, Jackie surely did.

  2. there must be scads who could
    say the exact same about meeting collins.
    love it.

  3. Love all the catty Diva vs. Diva comments! You go girl!!

  4. You should read what Ms. Collins had to say about Bing Crosby when she worked with him in the last of the Hope-Crosby "Road" pictures, "The Road to Hong Kong." She says Der Bingle was aloof and distant, and had rancid tobacco breath and a revolting spitting habit from his nonstop pipe smoking.