Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Edith Head Gave Good Costume

Joan Fontaine, September Song (1950)

Nina Foch, You're Never Too Young (1955)

Vera Miles, Beau James (1957)

Marilyn Maxwell, Off Limits (1953)

Marilyn Maxwell, Rock-a-Bye Your Baby (1958)

Lucille Ball, The Facts of Life (1960)


  1. Love the title! I have a suit just like the black one. I always feel very glam in it.

    dicstub is my word...sounds small, no?

  2. Her signature is at the bottom of the page, but was
    Miss Head responsible for the drawings which are done in 6 distinct styles?

  3. Oh, Mr. Worthington, all of Hollywood knew that Ms. Head couldn't sketch to save her bangs! She wasn't a particularly good "fashion" designer, either; but she knew what she was doing in terms of costuming for the character. I feel the same way about Adrian - although he could sketch, of course, and was more of an artist than Edith ever was; but if you compare their work to contemporaneous fashion designers like Chanel and Schiap in Adrian's 30's, or Dior and Balenciaga in Edith's 40's and 50's - no comparison at all.

  4. I raise you one, sir: Madeleine Vionnet in the 20s and 30s currently in a stunning exhibit at La Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris.

  5. Good Old Edith, as you say couldn't sketch to save her bangs, but managed to capture the moment and the character!

  6. I believe the phrase is, “Edith Head gave good gown” semantics and such. I’ll take both the little Marilyn Maxwell numbers and wrap them up for me will you Darling...

  7. Actually, the style of the Vera Miles costume was sketched by Edith's assistant, Grace Sprague, who did most of Head's sketches in the 1950s. We recently acquired some of Sprague's original designs:


    Head designed suits and dresses for Joan Crawford's personal wardrobe--it's likely that some of these sketches were thus intended. The first one is probably for Grace Kelly.

  8. FrednEthel - Ah, if only I could return to Paris...

    David Toms - And "brand" herself in the process. Smart lady.

    ayem8y - Edith's gowns are my least favorite examples of her work, so fuck semantics. Or Sean Connery. Till he's dead.

    Billy D - May I post these here, with a link to your site? Email me privately, if you wish.

  9. Oooo...I'd love to see Billy D's Heads.

  10. So did Diana Ross, but Berry cut that "Gordy"an knot!

  11. Love the artwork, regardless of who drew it. And Edith's (credited) clothing was so classic and clean. Lover her Hitchcock items!

  12. Love that Nina Foch outfit, with the 8 inch waist.