Thursday, August 13, 2009


That hateful, hateful Peenee has tagged us so often, we fear that we have his handprints permanently seared into our buttocks. However, call us nothing if not good sports, so here we go again. This charming little exercise? List seven of your personality traits, as evidenced on your blog and then pass the award on to seven other blogs with notable personality. Ready? Here we go.

1) I am judgemental. I'm trying to curb it, I swear that I am. But I have definite ideas of what is right and wrong, and involuntarily raise an eyebrow when someone breaches my code of conduct.

2) I'm a dreamer. (Aren't we all?) This blog reflects the way I think life should be: fun, gay, glamorous, and at least 40 years prior to the present.

3) I'm a randy son-of-a-gun. Beneath the poised and polished exterior... well, that's all we'll say for now. A gentleman in the parlor, a...

4) I'm mildly obsessive-compulsive. Why do 1 or 2 posts a day, or every other day, when you can do 10 daily??? I'm cutting back, in case you haven't noticed.

5) I'm a loner. (I hate that word!) Which is most definitely not to say anti-social or unfriendly, neither of which applies to me. But I like my "alone" time, and prefer one-on-one conversations to large groups or parties. I also enjoy just being an observer. This can sometimes be read as (actual descriptions from others here) "glacial," "stand-offish," and, my favorite, "a real bee-yatch."

6) I'm funny. Truly. I won't pit myself against Oscar Wilde or Dorothy Parker or Clare Boothe Luce, but I'm no slouch in the raconteur department, and am dependably good, entertaining company.

7) I'm dichotomic. (See #5 and #6.) A ball of contradictions. A mass of fire and music and whatnot!

Now I have to pass this meme along to seven other hapless bloggers. Mea culpa, ladies and gentlemen. Don't blame me, don't blame it on the bossa nova, blame it on that hateful, hateful Peenee.

Askthecoolcookie of Doing Hard Time in Shaker Heights
David Toms of Savoir Faire
SkinnyGlassesGirl of (natch) Skinny Glasses Girl
Soyons-Suave of (bien sur) Soyons-Suave
Jill of Stella's Roar
ilduce of Suffering Fools Badly!
Xico de Cadoro of Xico de Cadoro's Place (if he's not too busy licking Brazilian boy butt to answer)

Thanks to WICKED KNICKERS for the photo.


  1. Love the photo! I will work on my list straightaway.

    I'm a loner as well...although there must be another word. Something that defines capable of being alone and not minding it terribly. I'm an only child, so it was necessary to be able to entertain myself.

  2. A gentleman in the parlor, a...

    Wasn’t it Jerry Hall who said, “you must be a maid in the living room, a cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom.”?

    I think that blogging suits we “loner beeyotch” types or rather “introverts who still love a good time.”

    We can switch the party atmosphere on and off at will and without spending all our cash on cab fare.

    And no one vomiting on our Roger Viviers.

  3. That hateful, hateful Peenee has tagged us so often, we fear that we have his handprints permanently seared into our buttocks.

    Allow us to examine your buttocks to confirm this claim.

  4. Oh Please. Sweetie, if you had my hand on your buttchop, you'd know about it. There would be no doubt.

    And as usual, sassy and charming.

    I think MJ is so right, blogging is perfectly suited to loners like us who like to exercise their sense of humor. And troll for porn.

  5. Your number 6 is so obvious as to not need further comment!