Sunday, August 23, 2009

How Do You Solve a Problem Like This Maria?

We don't know, but her hills certainly look alive. And, needless to say, wiglets are one of our favorite things.

We mean the lady no disrespect (particularly on her birthday), but this image almost made us do a spit take. We can't imagine loonier casting; or a more inappropriate publicity still to accompany a particular playbill. But that's part of what we secretly admire about Barbara Eden - she's completely guileless, sort of on the fringe, kind of tacky...but impossible to dislike, because she seems so damn nice, to say nothing of earnest. We're sure that she gave her portrayal of Maria Von Trapp everything she's got, bless her heart.

August 23, 1934


  1. she pigged out at the old wiglet buffet.

  2. I find it amusing that the word "exposition" is located directly beneath her heaving bosom! I agree with you about her, though. On all counts.

  3. wiglets, wiglets, wiglets... sorry that's still in my head

  4. My father was the pianist for this production when Barbara took the show to the DC diner theater circuit.
    He said the she was an incredibly nice person.

    He was very critical
    John Davidson in Oklahoma "An ass"
    Kathy Garvey" Cissy from Family Affair" in My Fair Lady "Thought she was some kind of star"

  5. WOW! such in the know folks read SSWAT!

  6. Joe!!! More info, please! I live for this stuff!

    Although, Mr. Davidson and I did have a brief, tender moment, so maybe he was just having a bad day when your dad met him. LOL.