Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What Ever Happened to Baby June?

While we don't doubt Baby June's legendary devotion to her "fur people" (pets), something in this dog's eyes makes us think that it wanted to Cry Havoc when she buried it in the sand. The vaguely creepy enterprise also reminds us of another beach scene...


  1. it's DAINTY to you!

    and whose idea was it to bury a dog in the sand!? brilliant!

  2. Jeepers!! What'd she do with her little 'fur person' when they got home, roll him in dough and bake him in a pie?!?!?

  3. Bottom photo of Baby Jane...

    Would it be wrong of me to trash Mr. Peenee's good name twice in one day?

    I've already had a go at him over at Thombeau's.

  4. All I know is that if I ever tried that with Koko, there'd be hell to pay...

  5. I am on the phone to animal welfare as I write!

  6. June is still alive and kicking at 95
    Rose, Gypsy and the Village People let's give the lady some respect


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