Friday, August 14, 2009

A Friendly Reminder

It's Ann-Margret's world. Brush up on your Frug and your Pony.


  1. She gets lots of fab points from me. First, for enthusiastically giving every project she did "her all." Second, for not letting her handlers destroy her native accent. Third, for being able to dance like crazy in spike heels!

  2. And brush up on how to dance whilst coated in champagne and baked beans

  3. They just don’t make Sex Kittens anymore! Demure and over-sexed. Now they only make Skank Kittens! Aggressive and inter-sexed.

    I gotta get back to my paintin’ I’m watching, “The Swinger”.

  4. Everybody have an Ann-Margret weekend.. MJ does Smokies come with those beans ???


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