Monday, August 3, 2009

Miss Cyd Charisse Herself

Our latest Mystery Guest, confidently and correctly guessed by Vivir en Tuscon (whose eponymous blog is a must-see), was none other than one of our Patron Saints, our favorite Party Girl, Miss Cyd Charisse Herself (which is how we refer to her, always). The mystery photo was taken in 1948, when La Charisse was still finding her (no pun intended) footing at Metro, appearing in supporting roles and as a featured dancer. She wouldn't really hit her stride until her specialty number in Singin' in the Rain (1952), the Broadway Rhythm Ballet, fully showcased her unique appeal as a dancer who could convey fire and ice, glamour and grace, simultaneously. CC had the looks of Ava Gardner, the cool demeanor of Greta Garbo, and could dance Ginger Rogers' garbanzos off; which didn't necessarilty make her the most likeable of stars, but certainly one of the most interesting.

Miss Cyd Charisse Herself passed way in 2008, and we were truly saddened. The world is a little less glamorous, a little less graceful, for her passing. But oh, what music she made while she was here.

Vivir en Tuscon wins a getaway for Two Weeks in Another Town (of his choosing), as well as a brand-new Pierre Balmain ensemble. The bad and the beautiful, indeed.



  1. Fabulous indeed!

    (and I gotta use that "garbanzos" line somehow someway.)

  2. i especially love cyd in hebrew.....makes me want to see her knish.

  3. I love the way she looks in "Two Weeks..." and also in the unfinished "Something's Got to Give."

  4. I adore Cyd's look from 1962 on - the sideswept bouffant, the ultra-glam wardrobe, the brittle camp...what's not to love?!?! That French website of hers is pretty fantastic, and introduced me to a film of hers I'd never even heard of: a little Euro-trash thriller called Marok 7 (1967). She looks marvelous, and it seems like a fairly stylish B-level Bond knockoff...must find...