Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Yes, Sir

We realize these photos were taken some 40 years ago (although, at least one has been Photoshopped within the last decade), but we still can make the following statement with utmost conviction (and with no offense intended to any of our septuagenarian friends): Sean Connery is the one 79 year old we would jump into bed with, without the slightest hesitation. And not just because it's his birthday.

August 25, 1930


  1. Seems he's shaken and "schtirred" you.

  2. Photoshop is impressive! Now do I need an excuse??? mmmmm no!

  3. Me too and I would fuck him until he’s dead!

  4. DADDY! Nice fallacy, but I bet that brawy lad Connery has uncut meat with a nice foreskin, and has tesicals the size of jumbo eggs. Yummy ;-)

  5. Isn't that you in the bottom photo on the left, trying to keep your stylish bathing trunks from being slung off by your stiffy?

  6. MJ - I wish he'd schtupped me.

    David Toms - It would appear that they at least Photoshopped him to 007" or more.

    ayem8y - Don't ruin the fantasy. Wouldn't it be the other way around?

    askthecoolcookie - Mmmm, eggs for breakfast!

    Peenee - Honey, I have never looked that Asian.

  7. Ya'll make me laugh. My husband says that Connery is one man he wouldn't leave me in a room alone.


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