Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's Sunday!!!

Wear a brocade shirt! Mix a highball!
Mix a highball because you're wearing a brocade shirt!
Whatever gets you through the day, darlings.


  1. After I finish my grueling morning walk, I'd like to be slightly inebriated the rest of the day. I'll wear a brocade caftan in your honor! The pink pic below is inspiring me with headgear decisions! My list of seven is done...

  2. Works for Me! Will definitely be mixing a drink!

  3. The best I can manage this morning is to wear my mother's tablecloth and have a shot of vodka, but it'll do.

  4. I always like to start my Sundays with a mimosa or 5.

    Of course that leaves the afternoon free for whatever else is chilling.



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