Monday, August 3, 2009

Who Knew?

We've always avoided Las Vegas, fearing the worst; but we're feeling flamboyant, feverish and fickle, so we may just have found our next vacation destination.


  1. Flamboyant! Feverish! Fickle!

    Words from your business card?

  2. always wondered...was victor mature?

  3. I never miss a Wilma Burgess musical.

  4. MJ - No, my preferred tagline on Craigslist.

    Miss Desmond - I dunno...but I do know that once Jane Russell shook her tamborines, she drove Cornel Wilde! (Hot Blood, incidentally, is screening here at the Film Forum on a night I absolutely cannot make it, and I'm devastated! And then La Charisse in Party Girl another night! Argh!)

    Poseidon3 - Especially not if Jaynie is singing, and Mamie is swinging in it.

    askthecoolcookie - Meh. He never did anything for me, either.

  5. a). The Jane Russell film poster clearly advertises the stars of the movie--her titties.

    b) if you do deign to visit Las Vegas, the Liberace Museum (in a strip mall!) is a must-see.

  6. Las Vegas is swell if you're longing for a Shriner's convention featuring fat people vomiting on the sidewalk.


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