Friday, August 28, 2009

Italians Do It Better

ilduce is a handsome, charming Sicilian with bulging biceps, a bright smile, and thighs that could crack coconuts. His blog, Suffering Fools Badly, has not been updated in a while, and we can only hope the reason is that someone in Boston has a lovely pair of coconuts.


  1. Tes, I too am wonering what has happened to ilduce?

  2. Signore Viola has been molto occupato looking for a new full time job, oh and indeed did happen upon a lovely pair of coconuts recently.

    He does promise to update more frequently.

    Thanks for the LOVE!!!!

  3. "indeed did happen upon a lovely pair of coconuts recently."

    I expect a blog entry and accompanying photos, pronto.

  4. Me think the subject might be a bit more camera shy than myself....

    And besides, you know I never kiss and tell until there is absolutely no more chance of kissing!

  5. YAY!!!

    I'm crossing my fingers and all other appendages.