Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Good to Be Queen, Part Two

The benevolent Queen D, waving her sceptre, and spreading joy and mink across the land.

August 29, 1924 - December 14, 1963


  1. Fave Dinah Washington lyrics and fave song about a dentist...

    He took out his trusted drill
    And he told me to open wide
    He said he wouldn't hurt me
    But he'd fill my hole inside
    Long John, Long John, you've got that golden touch
    You thrill me when you drill me, and I need you very much

  2. I used to listen to her all the time when I was young, and then the music stopped,and I only assumed she had dropped out of sight, never dreamed she died! Now I know... thanks for filling me in on reality.

  3. MJ - I would've thought your fave Dinah song would be "Big Long Slidin' Thing":

    I asked him how it was done
    He said, I blow right here
    Then I work my fingers and my thumb
    I slide it right out
    Then I slide it back again

    Jiva - Yes, Miss D finally burned out after eight husbands, lots of champagne, and diet pills.

  4. I'm not certain THIS one is in the Dinah Washington Songbook but...

    It’s not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean

  5. Fabulous! She looks so sweet in that picture. Legend has it that she was an evil gal. She's the only other diva I can listen to sing "The Man That Got Away".

  6. I just heard her covering a Bessie Smith's "Backwater Blues" and doing a fabulous job.

  7. MJ - Yes, but one does prefer a yacht to a dinghy.

    Marc - Agreed. Although Rosie Clooney did a very decent version on her 1964 Thanks For Nothing album for Reprise.

    Peenee - Yes! The studio version is great, but her live rendition from the '58 Newport Jazz Festival is superb.

    Donna Lethal - Hats, gloves, mink, and sceptres...all of my favorite things!