Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Take a Wild Guess

Ms. Winters has just:

A) Realized that she'll never be a size 6 again.

B) Seen Charles Nelson Reilly in the nude backstage at a Match Game taping.

C) Been informed that she's dead.

August 18, 1920 - January 14, 2006


  1. I believe the answer is
    B. which leads to A which leads to C.

  2. I blieve it is D) That Shelly would be featured on SSUWAT, but would never live to see it happen!

  3. some people look like their names, others do not. this one SO looks like a shirley schrift, especially post poseidon.

  4. I am going with "E". She has just realised that her swan song is going to be swimming through a flooded boiler room in clinging brown chiffon

  5. Or perhaps F. That in wash after wash she just can't get those ink stain curlicues off her shoulder.

  6. LOL, Felix. Aren't those birds in flight?! The way they taught us to do them in 2nd grade? This blouse must have been borrowed from Tippi.

  7. What a gal. She and Geraldine Page were soooo good at doing crazy, you actually worried a little bit. My answer would be none of the above, she's just realized she's snapped hard and wants to remember it for future performances. Miss Schrift was uber method.

  8. When I was dancing at The Last Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas way back in 1953, Ms.Winters was loud at the gaming tables and made sure her presence was known. She had such a wonderful flair for the dramatic, all eyes were on her. This is the kind of look she would have if she thought someone didn't recognize her.

  9. "When I was dancing at The Last Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas way back in 1953..."

    Jiva, you have no idea how much I wish I could make that statement!


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