Saturday, May 30, 2009

Couples by Kenn Duncan

Katharine Helmond and husband David Christian

Morgan Fairchild and safety gay John McMurray


  1. Morgan & John's outfits are by the same designer 'Leong' that created the clear vinyl jackets my friend Jane and I wore in one of your other posts.

  2. Gosh, I wish I could snag myself a hot gay husband!

  3. She looks like Cynthia Nixon in that first shot.

  4. Dray - I thought they might be the same jacket! And with all due respect to the late, great Mr. McMurray, you totally worked that vinyl, dear.

    Jason - Amen, sister.

    MJ - Who, David Christian?

  5. I worked with Katherine Helmond on 'Who's the Boss' and she was a sweetheart. If I knew that was her husband I would have worked it harder...
    Morgan Fairchild is in Mensa and brags about it.

  6. Ted Davis - I love her. I miss seeing her on television! Recent photos indicate that her husband is still quite the hottie...


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