Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Old Vamps Never Die...

...they just cover up a bit more.

Theda Bara, 1917 (top) and 1951 (bottom)


  1. Just how did she keep those in place?? Duct tape??

  2. Old vamps never die… ...they just cover up a bit more.

    Words I shall keep in mind as time marches on.

  3. I always wondered what to do with extra festival yarmulkes....

  4. The '51 shot is from her last formal photo shoot. The photographer was disconcerted by the legend's insistence on a series of boudoir shots in various peignoirs before he persuaded her into an evening cape. Theda was always her own biggest fan...

    WV: volva. No, I'm not even going to commence on that one...

  5. Muscato: At least Mr. Engstead persuaded La Bara to cover hers.

    David Toms: Hollywood magic!

    Marksparky: Brilliant!

    MJ: Truly, something we should all keep in mind.