Monday, May 18, 2009

The Damning, Unforgivable Social Fault... apparently halitosis, and not, as previously had been suspected, passing along tagged memes. I'm still peeved at Peenee for tagging this little blog, but good sport that I am (and with full knowledge that payback is always a bitch), I'll play along.

10 Honest Things About TJB

1) One reason I dislike lists such as these is because, in my delusions of grandeur, I prefer to use the royal "we" when blogging. Bow down, bitches.

2) Unlike Peenee, my least favorite parts of my body are my feet.

3) I've been to Italy close to 20 times, and have yet to learn the language. (Apart from body language, of course.)

4) I can't/don't cook, but I read cookbooks voraciously, cover-to-cover, like novels.

5) I've been single for over 10 years, with only brief (2-3 month) intervals of exclusive dating since.

6) I prefer being single.

7) Except when I wish I could occasionally rent-a-husband for an hour or two.

8) I'm super-fastidious about my appearance, yet an awful housekeeper.

9) I'm an excellent mimic.

10) My greatest regret is not saying a proper good-bye to my mother at her hospital bed the night before she died.


  1. my least favorite parts of my body are my feet.

    Well at least you treat them well with beautiful footwear.

  2. There, that wasn't so hard was it? And excellently done, too. It all reminds me of the fabulously sophisticated Manhattanite I wanted to grow up to be, but missed by so very much.

  3. Yeah, but you got the big, pretty feet!

  4. Yeah, but none of you have my elbows!

  5. You and Miss Flannery from Thoroughly Modern Millie!