Saturday, May 30, 2009

Decisions, Decisions...

Back in the 80's, we were torn between two warring desires: to be an exciting private eye like Laura Holt (Miss Stephanie Zimbalist), and be ravished by Remington Steele (Pierce Brosnan); or to be an average suburban housewife like Mrs. King (Mr. Kate Jackson), and boff Scarecrow (Bruce Boxleitner).

While we may have secretly imagined ourselves to be as glamorous as Laura Holt and worthy of a man as elegant as Remington Steele, the truth is, our taste in sweaters and hairstyles more closely resembled Mrs. King's. If she had only popped her collar, the resemblance would be uncanny.


  1. I'd kind of prefered to see "Scarecrow and Mr. Steele", but I guess that was never an option back then.

    And, yep, with just a smidge more feathering of the hair (and a case of aquanet), you'd have been be a dead ringer for Mrs. King.

  2. Sad, isn't it? Although, I think I've morphed into something resembling Remington Steele, thank goodness.