Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rootin' for Ruta

We're ardent admirers of Miss Ruta Lee, who was born on this day in 1936. We've honestly no real clue as to why she's (semi) famous, or what exactly it is that she does - but she's clearly having one swell time doing it. And that, dear hearts, is what life is all about. Kick up your heels and have fun this weekend!



    "...she admits to wearing blue jeans when she is painting. "But the jeans are especially made for me by a custom designer," she admits. 'They're originals, but they're still jeans,' she says, 'and I wouldn't be caught dead with them in public.'"

  2. "Listen, Ethel, if I can go on the subway with a loving cup on my head, you can certainly go in your blue jeans!"

  3. LOL She sort of had a film career back in the day (was a supporting actress in "Witness for the Prosecution") and then was a lower voltage version of Vanna White when she assisted Alex Trebek on the game show "High Rollers." Very enthusiastic lady!

  4. I believe she's been the Queen of Dinner Theater for quite a while.


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