Saturday, May 23, 2009

When Annie Got Her Groove Back

Ann Miller, down on Funky Street!


  1. A bit of 'net search show that this may be a clip from an Oct 2 1968 Jonathan Winters show--which would make Ms Miller 45!

    As for talent: Madonna, eat yer heart out!

  2. She must've taken a lot of ibuprofen to stay that limber!!!

  3. Fredn - But she was only 11 when she starred in Stage Door! Giggle.

    Marksparky - I was thinking pills, too, but not Advil.

  4. In the late '80's at the Beverly Center in LA, Miss Miller approached and asked for directions. Her friends were late, so she asked if I could wait with her until they arrived. I blathered and gushed to her about what a fan I was and what a legend she was yadda yadda. She was very kind and sweet. I was out of my mind high on ecstacy and had to really work hard to reign it in and not get all ecstacy lovey dovey with her.

  5. "I was out of my mind high on ecstacy"

    There's a good chance Annie was, too! Fab story.