Saturday, May 23, 2009

When Giants Meet

L-R: Max Showalter (What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?), Connie Stevens (Palm Springs Weekend), and James Stacy (Winter a Go-Go), at the 1963 Academy Awards.

Mmmm... James Stacy...


  1. My heart goes out to this man - having lost arm and leg after being hit by a drunk driver (the accident killed his girlfriend). But then there's that little bit about fondling the underage girl about ten years ago and I have to wonder how great my charity is.

  2. Tragic life, like so many others! Fox Movie Channel is playing one of his old TV movies in which he and Diana Muldaur try to bump off her crotchety husband Arthur Hill. I think it was one of the last projects before his accident, though he did work some after the crash as well. I remember seeing "Just a Little Inconvenience," a teleflick he did about his experience. I think Lee Majors played his friend!

  3. askthecoolcookie - Since our clock stops around (generously) 1978 (you know, when The Merm was still a fixture on The Tonight Show, and you could still see Ann-Margret and Raquel Welch doing nightclub acts), we had no idea about Mr. Stacy's later tragedies and scandals! Very, very sad, indeed. We prefer to watch a double feature of Winter a Go Go and A Swingin' Summer and think of happier times...

  4. Poseidon3 - He also did one of my favorite cheesy exploitation flicks, Flare-Up, which re-teamed him with his Swingin' Summer co-star, Ms. Welch. I rented that on VHS eons ago as an adolescent, and had a "double feature" with another sleazeball '69 thriller, Daddy's Gone a Hunting - Mark Robson's followup to Valley of the Dolls, with the same male lead (Paul Burke), costume designer (Travilla), and composer (Dory Previn). Great title song...must search eBay for the 45!


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