Monday, May 18, 2009

While We're Being Honest...

TJB, 1989 (Sexy People worthy?)

Let's be honest: Rosie O'Donnell, right? And the sad attempt at flipped-up-collar-cool is just... poignant.
In our vanity, after the scary Eighties flashback we just subjected you to, we must repeat the following photo in an effort to regain your goodwill, and our dignity.

TJB today

Darlings, we've said it before and we'll say it again: Fabulosity can be achieved! We are the living proof that a silk purse can be spun from a sow's ear. Or something poetic like that.


  1. The style is god given.
    I mean look at that collar.

  2. LOL... I was revising this post to include something about That Collar, when your comment came through.

  3. "Don't dream it, BE it!"

    Well done, sweetie!

  4. what an elegant, Swell-egant young man ! nice shack too !

    kisses from Xico

  5. I just HAVE to mention THIS anecdote of yours again from your interview on Mr. Peacock...

    "My favorite thing to do, when I was very, very little, and had a day off from school, would be to "dress up" in my grey flannel trousers, pink oxford shirt, navy school blazer; dab my father's Polo cologne on; and watch old movies on television with a "highball" glass filled with ice cubes and "scotch" (ginger ale)."

    That, my dear, was fabulosity-in-training.

  6. Thombeau & Xico -- Kisses, darlings! Love you!

    MJ -- I have to find some photos of TJB, The Early Years; I was a darling little boy, all shiny bowl cut hair and snappy blazers. Then The Awkward Years hit, and man oh man...

  7. You've gone from "aw, how cute" to "Hubba hubba."

    Good work!

  8. Bald is BEE-YOU-TEE-FULL!
    (But bowl-cut is, too...)

  9. Oh my...You've aged very well!

  10. great suit, great pose, great poise!

  11. Scooter - You've gone from "aw, how cute" to "Hubba hubba.May I please use that as a testimonial if I ever get around to posting a profile?

    Fredn - Thank you. I kneel at the altar of Yul Brynner daily.

    Jill - There's a doctor in Rio who was very clever...

    Marksparky - Oh my! Thank you!

  12. You're an inspiration. Especially on those days I think a hat is just not enough.