Saturday, May 23, 2009




  1. Mary Wicks is one of my favorite character actress.. I remember her on several Lucy sitcoms... Mary's mother taught my chidhood girlfriend's mother piano when she growing up in St Louis during the late 30's early 40's..

  2. Mary Wickes was funny in person, as well. She was the friend of a friend and I got to meet her after a show. Even at an advanced age she had incredible skin, I remember, and a keen wit.

  3. My favorite was some mid-60s teen comedy movie with Rosalind Russsell as the Mother Superior of a girls' school; Mary Wickes was the bus-driving nun wearing a habit and black Converse hi-tops.

  4. brbette - Fabulous! A brush with greatness.

    Diogioscuro - Ooh, I'm envious! Glad you got to meet her. She was terrific.

    marksparky - The Trouble with Angels!!!

  5. I enjoyed seeing Mary on some 1970's eps of Match Game, though it pained me top see her slogging away in two guest spots on that horrible sitcom "Tabitha" (an insulting follow up to "Bewitched!")


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