Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quote, Unquote

We thought we were being so clever with our last Mystery Guest; but you glamour-addicts know a cool blonde when you see one. ("MJBThird" even correctly named the designer of her frock, which gives you some sort of idea of the crowd we're catering to.) MC, who is one of the most fabulous creatures we know, was the first to name "Tippi" Hedren - and, thrillingly, he was aware that Ms. Hedren was initially billed with quotation marks around her first name; publicity materials from the period also refer to her in this manner. Inexplicable and affected - two adjectives we can often apply to our favorite glamour icons!

As a Grand Prize, MC will not be gifted with the stunningly un-chic wardrobe from Marnie (1964); costume designer Rita Riggs had a fabulous name, but a heavy hand. Her most notable other credits are the TV series All in the Family and Sanford and Son, which pretty much says it all.


  1. Thank you so much for sparing me the wardrobe (though I would have taken that mink donut for the head). I've so much of the dialogue from that movie in storage, I haven't room for much else!

  2. I seem to recall sorta liking Marnie's white evening dress, but maybe I was too distracted by the fountain of blonde hair to realize its drawbacks.

  3. "I've so much of the dialogue from that movie in storage, I haven't room for much else!"


    Poseidon3 - The one with the white fur trim? It's okaaay...although it makes Edith Head look like, well, Givenchy...