Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Lady is a...

...Star! (1968)
Dir.: Robert Wise
Cast: Julie Andrews, Richard Crenna, Robert Reed (!)
Costumes: Donald Brooks

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  1. Oh Dame Julie - How we love you.

    And mourn the loss of your beautiful voice.

  2. Looking at it now (an dfrom that angle!) the dress in the last photo is actually pretty risque!

  3. You all need to see this movie! Oh, silly me, you probably already have, but if not, buy or rent it today!

  4. Julie Andrews was far too nice to play Gertrude, I just don't think she can plumb the depths of selfishness and depravity enough...so I think the movie fell flat. The costumes were gorgeous, though!

  5. I agree with marksparky, From all the stories I'd heard about Gertrude I couldn't picture her as perky as Julie. The costumes did a LOT to save the film.

  6. Oh, it's flawed, and Julie hasn't quite scraped off all the Mary/Maria/Millie saccharine from her image, but it's so enjoyable. The costumes are delish, the musical numbers are fun, and Julie never looked more beautiful. And it co-stars Mr. Brady, for goodness' sake!

  7. DamienNZ - Dame Julie is singing again! With a much more limited and narrow range, but singing.


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