Thursday, May 28, 2009

We Endorse...

...Bow Ties!
And orange.
And mauve.
And mint green.

Try it today, won't you?


  1. Breathtakingly regal with a King and I vibe!

  2. Really, I would not encourage the general public to go about wearing bow ties as fewer than 10 per cent of men can carry it off...

    You being one of them.

    Could you possibly be any more put together, polished and stylish?

    I think not!

    I bow (not bow as in bow tie) to your sartorial sassiness.

  3. it appears you endorse attitude tambien.

  4. I have to agree with MJ. Were I to attempt this costume, I would look very much like I had just taken a break from the Ronald McDonald Clown School.

    You do look rather fabulous.

  5. Very good eye for colors that work.

  6. *You* look smashing!

    (I'd look like Ronald Mcdonald or Huey Long)

  7. I am a life-long bow tie devotee (and have the pictures to prove it!).

  8. Jill - Thankee, thankee!

    MJ - "I bow (not bow as in bow tie) to your sartorial sassiness."

    So that's what you were doing down there!!! (And thanks for the compliments, dearie.)

    normadesmond - Is it wrong?

    Thombeau - Klassy!

    Peenee - With your big, beautiful feet in red shoes?

    rkchi - Thanks, and welcome!

    Jason - I read that originally as Huey Lewis. In which case, you'd have to switch out the bow tie for a string tie, and roll the sleeves of your sportcoat up.

    MC - Ahem. We're still breathlessly awaiting the Margaret DeLorca pics.

  9. With your form, frame and fashion you could carry anything off, but you make that bow tie sing an aria. I on the other hand, look only like a bartender when I don mine.

  10. Love the nonchalance expressed in your right wrist and hand--years of ballet training?

    But the question begs to be asked: what color the socks, darling?

  11. Damien NZ - Dogs don't know I'm not bacon!

    ilduce - Thank you, dear. And don't knock bartenders. They're some of my favorite people. (Hic.)

    Fredn - Re: the socks: espresso brown, to match the suit. I love the idea of whimsical socks, but I'm short, so I prefer an unbroken line from trouser to hoisery, don't you know. We ballerinas like an elooooongated sillhouette!

  12. Fredn: Note that the socks are not just brown...

    They're espresso brown.

    TJB: By some style trickery, you look tall.

  13. No trickery, darling, just the magic of espresso brown socks!